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About Our Puppies

Our Bulldog puppies are all AKC registered with Champion bloodlines.

They are all:



have at least 2 parvo shots

de-wormed twice

Health Guaranteed for one year against any life-threatening, genetic defect

Our goal for breeding is to better the breed and to one day have one of our Bulldogs at the Westminster Dog Show. We thoroughly enjoy seeing our puppies grow up into such stunning, beautiful Bulldogs. If you click on our dogs' pictures, the pedigrees will pop up so you can see what bloodlines your puppy is coming from. All of our puppies are started on Raw Green Tripe, brown rice, yogurt, vegetables and Missing Link. This allows their bodies to utilize everything we are feeding them. This diet begins around 4 weeks of age. By 8 weeks of age, if their families do not want to feed this diet, we begin switching them over to Eagle Pack Holistic gradually, over a period of one week. Crate training is the best way to train your new puppy. This allows a safe and happy training period for you and your puppy.


~Our boy Floyd continues to be a superstar, from his big
YouTube debut to his music videos as seen here with Chris
​Brown, he continues to AMAZE his audiences, everyone wants a piece of Floyd~

The One and Only A.T.S.R's Floyd from Shrinkabulls Blue and Tan Male at/at

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Our Special addition "Floyd" from Shrinkabulls!!!

Cher Loyd and her french bulldog puppy Buddy 
Produced here at Above The Sunset Ranch with Mouse and Once In A
​Blue Moon from Shrinkabulls

Scam Alerts - Please be aware that someone is using Nikki's Pet Spa name to sell puppies as us.  We do not sell our puppies at a parking lot.  We have a physical business address that you can come to visit our puppies.  Our contact email is nikkispetspa@aol.com or by phone at (951)847-5750.  Any other contact emails or numbers are not related to us.